Home Delivery More Efficient Than Supermarket

Online grocery Shopping

Getting your groceries delivered is greener than driving from home to the supermarket and back.

A Washington University study has found getting your groceries delivered to be greener than driving from home to the supermarket and back.

The study, undertaken by engineers Erica Wygonik and Anne Goodchild, simulated actual homes and stores in Seattle and analysed simulated deliveries and grocery runs around a random sample to test their theory.

The pair found that delivery trucks bringing groceries to people’s doorsteps emitted between 20 to 75 percent less carbon dioxide per customer, on average, than having all those people drive their cars from home to the store and back again.

The biggest variable was whether the online customers or the grocery store had more leeway over delivery times.

Macquarie University’s Professor Mark Taylor comments “Getting your food staples home delivered is an efficient way to reduce unnecessary carbon output. There’s no silver bullet when it comes to reducing our impact on the environment, however home delivery is a convenient beneficial option that also saves time for busy people. In essence, it helps to reduce the inefficiencies of life.

Braeden Lord, Aussie Farmers Direct CEO, said, “This research confirms our own findings. Aussie Farmers has worked out that on average each milko keeps more than a hundred cars off the road saving time and money for Australian shoppers”, he said.

“We are committed to a providing a ‘sustainable and contemporary’ way to shop for food.”

“This is a very significant finding– obviously we believe online shopping is a contemporary way to shop – the research is proving it to be more sustainable as well”, Mr Lord said.

There are compelling reasons to shop online with Aussie Farmers Direct including:

  • Reduced CO2
  • Better recycling
  • Less imported produce

Find Out More About Aussie Farmers Direct’s Sustainability Practices: AussieFarmers.com.au/Sustainability

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