Seasonal Fruit and Veg Faves… October 2013

Andrew Fletcher: Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit and Veg Manager

Andrew Fletcher: Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit and Veg Manager

Andrew Fletcher, or ‘Fletch’ as we fondly call him, heads up our Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit & Vegetable team and hand picks the best fruit and veg for our Aussie Farmers Direct boxes. Spring has well and truly sprung, and it’s a time for some standout seasonal fruit and veg.

What’s putting a spring in your step?
Avocados are looking glorious, coming from Queensland and Western Australia. They’re a fruit (that we use as a vegie – one of those odd things) whose tree is native to Mexico, which explains why so many recipes you see using avocados also involve tacos, tortillas and salsas. Avocados have more potassium than a banana, and are the fruit that contains the highest amount of protein. Loaded with healthy fats, they’re a must-have at my place, and at Aussie Farmers Direct we’re now including them as an option to add to your milk delivery – just in time to be smashed onto toast for a quick and healthy breakfast. You’ll be seeing ‘sandwiched sized’ avos, a smaller avo that’s still big on flavour. These are great to use in one sitting rather than saving half of a large avo for future use (which so many of us do!). Make sure you meet Kerry and Ros Smerdon, our avocado aficionados.

And salad days are here again?
Yes, and I’m really happy with a new range of salad mixes we now have available. We’ve introduced baby spinach, rocket, plus a mesclun mix. Mesclun comes from a French word, meaning ‘mixture’. It refers to a salad mix that’s usually an assortment of small, young salad leaves. The best part is that we’re now packaging the baby spinach, rocket and mesclun in 180 gram, resealable bags, which will keep these lovely leaves fresher in your fridge for longer. Grab these with your milk and bread delivery.

What’s looking tasty on the fruit front?
Blood oranges are in season now. I love these. They’re quite exotic but are growing in popularity. They are a bit sweeter than the common orange, and have a beautiful colour, all thanks to an antioxidant that develops in the peel and works it way through to the fleshy orange segments, often resulting in a streaked red colour throughout the fruit. Our blood oranges hail from the Riverland region in South Australia, known for producing stellar citrus fruit.

Fletch’s Top 10 Seasonal Favourites

  1. Avovocado
  2. Baby Spinach
  3. Beetroot
  4. Blood Orange
  5. Cabbage
  6. Carrot
  7. Melon
  8. Pineapple
  9. Silverbeet
  10. Spring Onion

Order Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables in your Aussie Farmers Direct Delivery:

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