About Farmers Lane

Farmers Lane, Aussie Farmers Direct Meat and Seafood

Farmers Lane: Aussie Farmers Direct Meat & Seafood

Aussie Farmers Direct National Meat & Seafood Manager, Seamus O’Connor, loves working directly with our Aussie farmers. They truly care for creating the best product. They are always open to explore new ways to meet consumer tastes, enabling Seamus to take things a step further with our new range, Farmers Lane.

Farmers Lane is a way for customers to be assured of the quality, purity and Aussie provenance of their Aussie Farmers Direct meat. Farmers Lane is a brand that now captures this aim, offering a wide selection of beef, chicken, lamb, pork as well as small goods, which are stringently selected for quality and taste. It comes from farmers and butchers that know and care about freshness and quality, and use world’s best practice in delivering just that.

The Farmers Lane range is just one of the brands we offer. We also work with premium, free-range suppliers such as Cape Grim Beef, Sovereign Lamb and Bannockburn Chicken to offer a complete selection of high quality products.

We Offer Some of the Best Aussie Meat & Seafood You’ll Eat: AussieFarmers.com.au

2 thoughts on “About Farmers Lane

  1. I am inquiring on behalf of many consumers who have grave concerns with regards to Halal Certification not only here in Australia but worldwide.

    It would be most appreciated if you could kindly advise me as to what products and services are Halal Certified by your company.

    We consider that it is the right of every Australian/Worldwide consumers to have the freedom of choice and be able to select and purchase Non Halal Certified products in retail outlets throughout Australia/Worldwide

    Could I therefore request a list of your products that are Halal Certified (as listed on certificate) or a copy of the certificate of compliance?

    Your assistance would be most appreciated



    • Hi Lynne, our apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We only have criteria for our suppliers with regard to Australian made and grown food. We don’t have any criteria for halal or non halal – so this isn’t monitored. In regards to our range, we’re aware that the following products are not certified halal: all Farmers Lane meat products, Cape Grim Beef, all Camperdown Dairy products (Milk, Yoghurts, Butter) and all Fruit and Vegetables. There may be other products that also aren’t certified, but it’s not something we monitor. For further information though or for any specific product enquiries please don’t hesitate to give our Head Office a call on 1300 645 562.

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