Meet Seamus O’Connor

Seamus O’Connor, Aussie Farmers Direct National Meat Manager

Seamus O’Connor: Our Aussie Farmers Direct National Meat Manager

Seamus O’Connor is our Aussie Farmers Direct National Meat Man He’s the eyes, ears and taste buds of every customer, selecting quality meat and inspecting it to make sure it’s up to our high standards. He’s just created a new selection of meats, which you’ll find under our new label, ‘Farmers Lane’.

Seamus’ first job as a young lad was as an apprentice at his local hometown butcher in the south east of Ireland. It’s a job that also required Seamus to spend quite a bit of time on the farm. His boss reared his own cattle for the shop, and it was this time in the paddocks that got Seamus hooked. It was an idyllic start too; the region is home to some of the most pristine pastures on the planet. Ireland’s farming community is a strong family affair, adopting a great duty of care as they rear their animals and produce meat for their own family tables. This respect for the animal, so much a part of Seamus’ Irish heritage, informs decisions in his role daily.

At the age of 22, Seamus completed every young Irish boy’s right of passage;travelling to Australia, seeking adventure. After deciding that this was the place to be (for good), he worked in the meat retail sector for over two decades. He’s managed all aspects of the meat food chain – from overseeing livestock
and purchasing, to merchandising and marketing. Seamus had been keeping an eagle eye on what we were doing here at Aussie Farmers Direct, and liked that we walked the talk. He joined our family just over three years ago.

Being a butcher by trade, Seamus has eaten his fare share of meat, and his favourite cut of beef is a scotch fillet. Just off the bone, he says it’s the most flavoursome. Serve it with a pepper sauce and a couple of beers to wash it down with, and Seamus is a happy man.

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