Gourmet Sausage Sizzlers

Farmers Lane Sausages

Farmers Lane Sausages: Gourmet Sausage Sizzlers made with real meat!

Not all sausages are created equal. Some are crammed with, well, a whole host of unmentionables. Not our sausages. They’re brought to you by Farmers Lane, a new hallmark to make it easy for you to identify our carefully considered range of top class meats. Every piece of meat is selected using the strict quality guidelines you’ve come to rely on at Aussie Farmers Direct.

Our ‘everyday’ sausages are gourmet, and they’re filled with a minimum 85%, lean, ground, premium grade steak cuts. That means: real meat. Because our sausages are so lean (and not laden with fatty meat, like so many sausages on the market), each sausage needs some tender loving care on the coals so they are not overcooked and dry out. This is a small price to pay for what will be delicious tasting, succulent sausages, made with real meat. The rest of the ingredients are all-natural herbs and spices and importantly, we only use natural casings to ensure the quality and flavour is maintained consistently with every batch produced.

It’s also a range that’s been developed based on our customer feedback – what you love and what you don’t like so much. By taking your comments on board, our recipes have been finessed by our smallgoods producer who is a stickler for great quality ingredients and the perfect balance of flavour.

The Farmers Lane sausages selection features a BBQ classic done well, plus some exciting flavour combinations we’re certain will become your new favourites. Try these varieties:

  • Farmers Lane Classic BBQ Sausages
  • Farmers Lane Lean Pork Sausages
  • Farmers Lane Gourmet Beef & Cracked Pepper Sausages
  • Farmers Lane Gourmet Moroccan Lamb Sausages

Click Here to Learn More About The Story of Farmers Lane

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