The Story of Cape Grim Beef

Cape Grim Beef, Tasmania

100% Grass Fed | Free Range | GMO Free
Cape Grim Beef, Tasmania

The rugged, deep black cliffs presented a dramatic but moody welcome for explorer Matthew Flinders as he made his maiden approach. It was 1798. He named this point Cape Grim, and it was a discovery that confirmed his theory that this land mass was separate to Australia. We now know it as Tasmania, and it’s from this remote, breathtaking location that some of the world’s most exceptional beef is reared, gracing our tables under the name of Cape Grim Beef.

Located at the very northwest tip of Tassie, Cape Grim is a picture-book landscape of charming cottages with sweeping vistas of the wide open sea. Emerald-green hills boast clean, natural grasses that thrive due to some of the purest rainwater on earth. The air is closely monitored; the remoteness and westerly airflow from the pollution free Southern Ocean means the air is free of ‘contaminates’, making it some of the most pristine air in the world.

Cape Grim Beef has assembled a group of accredited farmers from this close-knit community who nurture this land whilst rearing their cattle to create an exceptional range of beef. Many of these farmers have a long family history of farming in the area – they know the land and appreciate how special it is and how fortunate they are to be its caretakers.

Every farmer rears their cattle using no hormones and no genetic modification. The cattle are not given antibiotics and only graze on the cleanest of natural grasses. As the farms are located in the highest rainfall areas of Tasmania, it creates the most consistent fodder of the best quality – perfect for creating amazing beef.

The beef is MSA graded – a rating system devised by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and the result of millions of dollars in research to identify all of the factors that impact the eating quality of beef. The age and breed of the cattle, the type of pastures they feed on, the way the animals are cared for, and how the beef is processed are all taken into account. Beef that has been graded under this initiative is identifiable by the green and yellow MSA logo. Cape Grim’s beef meets four of the highest of 18 grades, meaning it is classified as some of the best eating quality and some of the tenderest beef you’ll find.

Aussie Farmers Direct is proud to be the exclusive national retailer of Cape Grim Beef. Our beef is aged for a minimum of 30 days using a wet ageing process, which helps to improve the flavour and tenderness of the beef. Our range includes eye fillet steak, porterhouse steak, scotch fillet steak and a marinated rump roast.

Order Exceptional Aussie Beef in your Aussie Farmers Direct Meat & Seafood Delivery:

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