Dishing It Up To a Million in Need

Aussie Farmers Foundation Supporting FareShare

Adam D’Sylva (Coda), Benjamin Cooper (Chin Chin), Polly Harvey (FareShare), Matt Head (The Pantry) and Pierre Khodja (The Flinders Hotel)

Aussie Farmers Foundation continues to support worthy causes for rural and regional Australia, and that’s all thanks to our customers’ generous donations. Here’s an update on two of the organisations who were funded in 2012.

Many Australians are unaware that hunger and malnutrition exist so close to home. There are hundreds of charities across Victoria that serve meals or hand out food parcels to people in their communities who are experiencing hard times.

FareShare is a Victorian organisation that helps nearly 400 of these groups annually, with rescued food and cooked meals. With agencies reporting a growing need, FareShare sought funds for a larger, updated kitchen with a singular aim: to cook one million meals a year. On August 15th their new kitchen was launched and we were there to see it in action. A blast chiller was purchased with a grant from the 2012 Aussie Farmers Foundation grants round; an important addition which allows meals to be cooled quicker, enabling the kitchen to produce more meals.

The foundation’s Executive Officer, Venetia Taylor, volunteered alongside other supporters over four shifts in 12 hours and collectively the volunteers helped cook over 5,000 meals.

“It was an exhausting but exhilarating and satisfying day,” said Marcus Godinho, CEO of FareShare. “Top chefs, politicians, CEOs and school kids all gave up time to be part of the day and helped to achieve a great result. We did it!”

FareShare is now delivering to ten agencies across Bendigo, Campaspe, Inglewood and Echuca – regions that are experiencing a 30% rise in demand – with an aim to expand into Gippsland next year. Though this was just one day for us, FareShare deliver this incredible service every day. To all of the Aussie Farmers Foundation donors, thank you for being on this journey to give back to country Australia.

Learn More About Supporting Australian Rural and Regional Communities:

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