The Grass is Greener at Greenslopes

Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising, Greenslopes School

Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising supports Greenslopes State School, Queensland.

Adam Blackburn is a qualified Physical Education teacher who was once a beach volleyball champion, representing Australia nationally and overseas. But a sporting life finally took its toll on his body. In 2011 good mate Joe Joseph encouraged Adam to hang up the budgie smugglers and join him in his Aussie Farmers Direct franchise. The pair now manages five ‘milko’ rounds in the city of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

Adam is a big fan of supporting farmers and in doing so, keeping the economy of Australia ticking along. Another of Adam’s major loves is dealing with Aussie Farmers Direct customers, and fostering an energetic, community spirit. He’s a man that has the gift of the gab, and Adam taps in to the Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising Program to get clubs, groups and schools in his regions to connect, with fantastic results (and a heap of fun along the way).

Over the past two years, Adam has been working closely with the community at Greenslopes State School. Located just outside of Brisbane’s CBD and with just 320 students, the school relies heavily on fundraising activity to improve various schooling resources. You’ll find Adam behind the stall at their annual Community Day handling the Aussie Farmers Direct produce donations, dishing out granny smith apples at their National Walk to School Day, and facilitating fruit and veg fundraising drives. Greenslopes State School Fundraising Manager, Sarah Hutson, says it’s a natural partnership.

“Aussie Farmers Direct’s family and community orientation is fantastic. The activities we do with them are ones that the parents and kids want to be involved in, so much so that last year we had the highest fundraising year ever! It’s healthy family fun. Aussie Farmers Direct provides us with superb service, great support and quality fresh produce for our activities,” says Sarah.

Through the various Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising activities over $500 has been raised which is contributing to the purchase of improved reading resources for the students.

Says Adam, “Giving back to the community by buying things you actually need is an easy way of raising money for schools. The parents I speak to love being able to support their children’s school simply by purchasing farm fresh 100% Aussie produce from Aussie Farmers Direct. We now work with a number of schools, and once they have tried it, they really enjoy it and value our healthy fundraising option. You won’t find any chocolate bars or lollies in our fundraising program!”

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