Hand-Made Cards, Happy Hugs and Home-Brew

Aussie Farmers Direct Milkos

Aussie Farmers Direct Milkos, Pete and Rochelle from Bendigo (VIC)

All in a Day’s Work for Two Fundraising Fans. It’s been a big year for making fruit and vegies really count for Pete and Rochelle Andrew, our Aussie Farmers Direct milkos in Bendigo, Victoria. They’re a couple of local legends, raising over $2,000 so far this year for local community projects through the Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising Program.

Pete and Rochelle deliver fresh produce to around 900 homes in the Bendigo region, and they get a whole lot of love from their appreciative customers. In the office there’s a pin-board loaded with hand-made thank you cards from fruit-loving preschoolers. Rochelle is given a weekly hug from an older lady who is forever grateful for the extra mile Rochelle takes in delivering the fruit and veg box right to her kitchen table. Pete is looking forward to the next batch of a customer’s home-brew, and the opportunity to give the beer a bit of a taste-test. It’s this interaction that makes Pete and Rochelle get out of bed in the morning, and the Aussie Farmers Direct Fundraising Program gives them even more opportunities to connect with their community.

The couple regularly works with nine schools, a local young mum’s group and a scout club to create healthy fundraising activities, utilising the fresh produce from Aussie Farmers Direct. Their most successful activity is their school fruit and veg drives, where parents can purchase a fruit and veg box for the household. Funds raised from the purchase go straight back to the school for important projects in need of monetary support, and in the case of Strathfieldsaye Primary School, funds will help beautify a play area in need of some greening. Many of the parents actually become Aussie Farmers Direct converts – impressed with the convenience of home delivery and the quality of produce.

This is also another core reason why Pete and Rochelle decided to take on their Aussie Farmers Direct franchise. Rochelle’s dad is a local market gardener, growing garlic, lettuce varieties, as well as onions – which actually now make their way into our Aussie Farmers Direct fruit and veg boxes. They both love farming and feel a deep need to support Aussie farmers.

“Importing fruit and vegetables is not necessary when we have the best product in the world right here,” says Pete.

“We still love working on the farm and getting our hands dirty during harvest. We really believe in it, and we feel privileged to play a role in supporting our local economy. We do this through the supply of fresh, local produce which feeds local families, as well as the knock-on effect of providing healthy fundraising opportunities to ensure a vibrant future for our local schools and clubs.”

Raise Funds Directly For your Local School, Club or Group: AussieFarmers.com.au/Fundraising

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