Picking Your Potatoes

Aussie Farmers Direct Veg, Aussie Potatoes

Think all spuds are the same?

In spud-land there are two basic types of potato – the waxy and the floury – and both have a place in different types of dishes. The waxy hold their shape well when cooked, making them a great salad or slicing potato. The floury types are perfect for roughing up and roasting, or for giving a good mashing.

At Aussie Farmers Direct we’re lucky to have the pick of potatoes from the best farmers in the land, so there’s plenty of types to experiment with.

Like the Kipflers. Yellow in skin colour with a waxy flesh, they’re great for warm salads and to be par-cooked and finely sliced for a pizza topping. They’re shaped like fat, knobbly fingers and have a nutty, buttery taste. Desirees have a smooth red skin and are a larger, oval shape. Their waxy flesh is pale yellow and we love them baked in their jackets for a hearty lunch.

Looking to add a little colour to your plate? Then try a Royal Blue. They’re actually not blue at all, but a deep purple colour on the outside with a creamy, yellow flesh. They’re another versatile choice, but try them in a dish that doesn’t call for peeling, so you can make the most of their great coloured skin.

Finally, if soup’s on the menu (and right now it will be coming back into most of our cooking repertoires) then Dutch Creams are your best friend. A large potato with a waxy flesh, these beauties make excellent mashes and purees, and perfect for warming soups and stews.

Give a New Variety a Try and Support Our Aussie Potato Farmers: AussieFarmers.com.au

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