Eggs: A Little Wonder of Nature

Aussie Farmers Direct Eggs

Stephen Colla with his family brood of egg farmers. From left to right, the boys – Stephen, Wayne, Simon, Sam and Luke; the girls – Patty and Emilie; and little Chloe.

They’re versatile, they’re delicious, they’re a cinch to cook and they’re delivered just as nature intended. We’re talking about the humble egg. A little wonder of nature, and the livelihood of one of our egg-ceptional farmers, Stephen Colla.

Meredith in western Victoria is a great place for Stephen, a third generation egg farmer, to raise his lovely ladies (the chooks, that is). It’s close to where he sources the grains for their meals and the essential vitamins and minerals that keep the chooks in great shape and help with healthy egg formation. The property is a mixed farming operation with a strong focus on free-range, providing ample grounds for the chickens to range around at their leisure.

But you won’t see Stephen heading out with a wicker basket to pluck eggs from amongst the dirt. This farm is state-of-the-art. The girls have a laying house, their main source of shelter, with a floor that’s made of astro turf with a mesh base on a slight slope, so the eggs gently tumble onto a conveyor belt that whisks them into the grading room. This process ensures that the floor is kept clean and tidy, so the chooks and their eggs remain in the best condition. These chickens have access to water and feed at all hours of the day. Good insulation keeps the girls warm in winter and cool in summer. On very hot days, a water mister sprays cool droplets on the girls, and fans keep fresh air circulating.

The girls head out mid mornings for a stroll around the farm, often not returning until dusk. They’re off looking for grass and worms, and love scratching around the trees and rocks.

Stephen’s last job of the day is to take a walk around the farm to make sure everyone is inside, and to close the door at night to keep them safe from predators.

Stephen loves working with Aussie Farmers Direct. “You bring a great professionalism to the relationship. You can have a conversation about business rather than just haggling over price. We talk about quality and service which is important, and that is really refreshing,” says Stephen.

Aussies love their eggs, and we’ve been steadily increasing how much of them we eat. The average Australian will enjoy 18 dozen eggs a year. Long gone are the days when we all thought eggs were bad for our cholesterol. The Heart Foundation now gives them an almighty tick, containing some 11 different vitamins and minerals, in good amounts. As the breakfast dish of champions at many a local café, they’ve become a big part of our weekly menu. Enjoy free range, barn laid or cage free eggs at Aussie Farmers Direct – and you can now add them to your milk delivery, ready to create your own hearty breakfast.

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