Tips for Storing and Selecting Fresh Meat

Aussie Farmers Direct’s National Meat and Seafood buyer, Seamus O’Connor is an expert at selecting the best cuts of meat for Aussie Farmers Direct customers, here Seamus offers his insider knowledge:

  • Aussie Farmers Direct Meat and Seafood

    Aussie Farmers Direct goes to great lengths to ensure our meat is as fresh as it possibly can be.

    CHICKEN – Chicken is a versatile and tasty meat that is great on the BBQ when it’s marinated in a honey soy dressing, or flavoured with a spice rub. When selecting fresh chicken it should feel firm to touch (not mushy). To keep chicken at its best eat it within two days of purchasing. Alternatively chicken can be frozen, and is best thawed in the refrigerator the day before you want to use it. Never cook partly thawed chicken as it could prevent the chicken from being cooked the whole way through.

  • FISH – Fish is always best if eaten on the day you get it to ensure the tastiest fish dinners. At Aussie Farmers Direct our seafood is delivered cryovaced to retain its freshness until it’s delivered to your door. Remember a fresh fish should not have a strong smell, its eyes should be clear and the gills should still be a bright pink or red colour.
  • LAMB- Australian lamb is always great for flavour but for some lamb breeds the meat quality drops off in the winter months. External fat and pink muscle is a good indicator of quality and flavour in lamb. Lamb quality is at its best from September to April.
  • BEEF – Look for fresh beef with a dark pink to rich red colour, if it has a sparkly translucency to it, stay away as the meat will be tough. If you are looking to cook with an aged cut, meat that has been aged correctly will be a dull colour, not bright. While external fat on beef is a good indication of quality, you should look for “marbling” in the muscle of premium steaks such as scotch fillet and porterhouse steaks as this gives the meat flavour and tenderness.

    Generally red meat should last three days in a household refrigerator. If not used within this time it can be frozen, to keep its freshness it’s best to then thaw it in the refrigerator, not at room temperature. When buying meat, as a general rule the more premium cuts can be enjoyed cooked quickly and medium-rare, whereas the cheaper cuts are better for slow stewing.

    We have recently begun delivering Cape Grim Premium Beef to our eastern seaboard customers. This beef is from a group of farmers in Tasmania that produce award-winning hormone and GMO-free, grass fed Angus and Hereford beef that is delicious BBQ’d with a light sprinkling of salt to really highlight its flavour.

Overall, the best policy when selecting meat is to buy from a supplier you trust. Aussie Farmers Direct goes to great lengths to ensure our meat is as fresh as it possibly can be, we don’t use preservatives or artificial dyes and like our entire range, our meat is always 100% Australian grown and owned.

Order Some Quality Meat & Seafood in your Aussie Farmers Direct Delivery:

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