Seasonal Spotlight: Apricots

Apricots Summer Fruits

Apricots are plucked at their peak, so you’re best to eat them as soon as you can.

Apparently in Latin, apricot means “precious”, and it is a pretty apt definition. A close relative to the peach and plum, apricots are the most sensitive of stone fruit, needing loads of tender loving care as they grow amidst the elements. January is the peak season for apricots in Australia, and at Aussie Farmers Direct, we are working with farmers in Tasmania to bring this delicious fruit to you in top condition. Apricots are very specific in what they need for their growing environment, and the varying micro-climates in Tassie combined with the renowned clean air, natural environment and abundant water make it the perfect place.

The beautiful orange blush of an apricot comes from carotene, a substance which our bodies convert to vitamin A; essential for healthy eyesight. Dietary fibre and vitamin C are also in abundance. We select firm, plump fruit and suggest you store them at room temperature if not completely ripe. Once ripe, move them to the fridge and store in a sealed plastic bag or container for up to three days. Apricots are plucked at their peak, so you’re best to eat them as soon as you can.

Apricot Partners
Try these three perfect pairings to savour apricots in a whole new way:

  • Apricot + Nuts – Fill apricot halves with a soft cheese, such as ricotta or goats cheese, and sprinkle with chopped pistachios for an easy snack.
  • Apricot + Pork – Skewer diced pork, red onion and apricot halves and pop on the barbie.
  • Apricot + Mustard – Combine 3 tablespoons of wholegrain mustard with 2 finely diced apricots for a sweeter, chunkier style of mustard. Great to accompany chicken, lamb or pork, or try smeared on fresh bread with ham!

Add Some Apricots to your Aussie Farmers Direct Summer Fruit & Vegetable Delivery:

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