Seasonal Fruit and Veg Faves… January 2013

Andrew Fletcher: Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit and Veg Manager

Andrew Fletcher: Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit and Veg Manager

Andrew Fletcher, or ‘Fletch’ as we fondly call him, heads up our Aussie Farmers Direct National Fruit & Vegetable team and hand picks the best produce for our Aussie Farmers Direct fruit & veg boxes. It is summer and the eating is easy; here are Fletch’s favourites:

Warmer days call for cooler vegies. What is in peak season?
I’m kind of in love with coleslaw at the moment, and you can get a little creative with it. Red cabbage is in season and it has to be the perfect starting point for any coleslaw recipe. I also like to add beetroot, also in season now – just wash and peel the outer skin, grab the stalk end for a good grip, and grate it. Thinly sliced apples are also a secret ingredient in my coleslaw. Mushrooms are traditionally considered a winter veg, but they are available in summer too, and are so versatile in salads and grilled on the barbie. Of course you can’t go past lettuce as a summer staple, and our new mesclun salad mix and baby spinach are the pick of the bunch. Read about Jeremy, our lettuce farmer, in the latest edition of Aussie Farmers Direct Magazine.

We hear it has been a tough season for a couple of our favourite summer fruits.
Yes indeed. Mangoes have had a challenging season, particularly in the Northern Territory where our early season mangoes come from. The Far North Queensland crop is looking pretty good though, but we are finding mangoes are a bit more expensive than most years because of the overall reduction in supply. Cherries have also copped a bit of a battering from the elements. Supply has been pretty light and with that comes higher prices.

The last couple of years have been pretty heartbreaking for our Aussie orange farmers. How are they going this year?
We are right in the middle of Valencia orange season – Australia’s favourite juicing orange. Our orange farmers are doing much better this season, but it is still critical to support these farmers by purchasing their delicious fruit, particularly with the influx of imported navel oranges from the USA; so unnecessary when we have some of the most amazing oranges right here on our doorstep.

Fletch’s Top 10 Seasonal Favourites

  1. Apricots
  2. Baby Spinach
  3. Beetroot
  4. Cherries
  5. Mangoes
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Plums
  8. Red Cabbage
  9. Strawberries
  10. Valencia Oranges

Order Summer Fruit & Vegetables in your Aussie Farmers Direct Delivery:

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