Back to School Lunchbox Winners

School days are here again. For the latest in our growing range of nutritious, on-the-go snacks that fit perfectly into the kids’ lunchboxes, check out our Back To School tab online. Pair these products with wholesome bread from our Bakery, and some creativity from your fruit & veg box, and their food for the day will be ready to go faster than they can say “Muuuuum! Where’s my school baaaaaag?” Aussie Farmers Direct wishes you all the best for a Happy New School Year!

Back to School Lunchbox ProductsName: Lily
Age: 8
School year: Grade 2

Favourite Food: “I like strawberries and watermelons equally the most.”
Best Lunchbox Treat: “I love mum’s homemade blueberry muffins.”
Mum’s Secret Weapons: Lily’s mum Lucy is a stay at home mum with a cake decorating business on the side, but you won’t find any cake treats in Lily’s lunchbox! Lucy always tries to offer everything that’s healthy and homemade whenever she can. “Whatever we have for dinner the night before, I make sure I do a big batch, and Lily takes it in a thermos for lunch the next day. It might be pasta, fried rice or pumpkin soup. I also always give her a sandwich at least once a week. With fruit, I have to make sure it is cut up – the kids just won’t bother eating it if it’s not in handy slices!” says Lucy.

  • Sticks & Dips: Make eating vegies easy by cutting up carrot, celery and cheese into snack-ready batons. Add one of our Homus or Guacamole Dips and you can tick the ‘healthy snack’ box for recess eating.
  • Sandwiches: Our new Lawson’s Original Loaves, in White or Homestead Seed, is bread the way it used to be, made with loads of goodness and the perfect nutritional choice for kids. Use a cookie cutter to create some fun sandwich shapes to surprise the kids at lunch break.
  • Dried Fruit: Our Sultana Packs offer 6 x 40g individual servings. Add some our dried apricots as well for a perfect nutritious snack.
  • Yoghurt: Our five:am yoghurt squeezies are available in 12 x 70g pouches, no spoon required. With two great flavours – Organic Blueberry or Organic Vanilla Bean – this is certified organic dairy goodness.
  • Fresh Fruit: Thread cubed fruit onto a skewer to create an easy snacking option with an added bit of fun.

Back to School Lunchbox ProductsName: Ryan
Age: 12
School year: Grade 6

Favourite Food: “I really like chicken in the wraps mum makes.”
Best Lunchbox Treat: “I like it when I find chocolate chip cookies in there.”
Mum’s Secret Weapons: Kym is Ryan’s mum, and she is a pretty busy lady, working two part time jobs – one in the family’s home building company and the other at a junior soccer association. Kym doesn’t have a lot of time to spend getting the lunchbox sorted, so for her it has to be quick and easy, but still nutritious. “Wraps are a big hit, so I load them with chicken, grated carrot, cheese, lettuce and mayo. Anything I put in Ryan’s lunchbox has to be grab and go, and not require a spoon. As soon as the bell rings he is out in the playground with his mates, so it has to be no fuss. Muesli bars and cookies are great for this. I do put fruit in his lunchbox, but nine times out of ten it will come home again!”

  • Popcorn: Butter Popcorn comes in perfect snack sizes. It is high in fibre, and is air popped and gluten free. Importantly, it is made from Aussie corn.
  • Muesli Bars: Get Farmed! is our range of highly nutritious muesli bars, naturally sweetened with Australian honey. Try Fruit & Nut or Fruit & Seed (six bars in each pack).
  • Cookies: Choc Chip Cookies come in a pack of five and are individually sealed for an easy lunchbox addition.Wraps: A nice alternative to the standard sandwich, wraps are great for salads or to fill with dinner leftovers. Our eight pack wraps come in White, Wholegrain or Low Fat.
  • Juice & Milk: Moolish Milk is made at an Aussie-owned dairy and with Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate flavours, they provide a delicious calcium-enriched treat. Apple or Orange Juices are made from fresh juice, not reconstituted. Both milk and juice come in packs of six in 250ml portions.
  • Fresh Fruit: Bananas are one of the best energy-fuelled snacks, and its natural skin cover provides a great canvas for a daily message to pep up your kid’s day!

Add Some Lunchbox Winners to your Aussie Farmers Direct Grocery Delivery:

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