An avo a day keeps the salads at bay

Avocados Aussie Farmers Direct Fruit and Veg

Avocados: Aussie Farmers Direct Fruit and Veg

In Australia, we are lucky to be able to enjoy avocados for most of the year, as the season winds its way around the coastal regions of Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, with three main avocado varieties grown. No one is tastier than the other, and it’s important to note that size doesn’t matter. It’s the maturity through ripeness that counts for flavour.

Did you know? Hass should be pronounced like the word “pass”. It’s the most common, making up more than 75% of avocados grown.
Look and taste: A pear-like shape, the slightly rough, pebbled skin is green when picked, which deepens to a dark purple-brown colour when ripe. It has a small seed, which means more flesh to enjoy.
Recipe tip: Great for smashing onto toast with a squeeze of lemon and freshly ground pepper.

Did you know? Shepards are only grown in Australia. Check for ripeness by squeezing the stem gently; it should have a slight ‘give’.
Look and taste: A long neck with a glossy green skin, it is smooth and buttery with a nutty flavour.
Recipe tip: Perfect for salads and sandwiches as the flesh does not go brown when cut.

Did you know? Reeds are the largest of all known avocado varieties.
Look and taste: A round fruit with a large seed and a smooth texture, its flesh is paler than other varieties. It has a darker green, thick, glossy skin. Taste-wise, it is very smooth and delicate with a slight nutty flavour.
Recipe tip: Its creamy flesh works brilliantly for guacamole.

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