Pass the cheese, please

wine & cheese

You know nowadays there is freedom in food, so not every meal is a balanced diet. This freedom feels so french, but it is nice and casual…which is sooo Aussie.  So a lazy summer afternoon of great conversation and a few laughs ahead? If that’s the plan, then cheese and wine are perfect partners this season.

Here are four ideas for cheese and wine plus a serving plate.    Put away the salads and veggies and just enjoy a balance in flavours.  But which cheese? And which wine? We asked John Harris, one of the winemakers from Get Wines Direct for his perfect pairings with our classic selection of cheeses, country style.

#1 Camembert  & Chardonnay

The cheese: Milawa Camembert

Made in the classic French style, this has a velvety, soft white mould and can develop strong earthy aromas as it matures. It has a mild, salty flavour, and when ripe the texture oozes with a creamy golden interior.

Speciality_Cheeses lr

Serve with

Carve up some leftover Christmas ham and serve in crusty ciabatta and a mild mustard. Or create a sharing plate with red grapes and strawberries.

A bold cheese requires robust wines. Try a full-bodied chardonnay, such as the Eagle Vale Margaret River Chardonnay 2010 or a beautiful Rutherglen fortified; I love The Colonial Estate Exile 40 Year Old Muscat.


organic cheddar

 # 2 Cheddar & Shiraz

The cheese: Organic Dairy Farmers Vintage Cheddar. 

This Vintage Cheddar has been aged for over 14 months and has a crumbly texture with a surprisingly sweet flavour uncommon in mature cheddar, whilst retaining that classic vintage cheddar sharpness.

Serve with

Plate with our Baylies Rosemary Lavosh biscuits, alongside dried Aussie raisins and sundried tomatoes.

The wine: Drier style reds with lots of body work beautifully. Try Normans Chais Clarendon Shiraz 2011 from SA’s McLaren Vale region, or Normans Holbrooks Road Merlot 2013

Blue Cheese

#3 Blue & Riesling

The cheese: Milawa Blue 

This is mild, creamy and incredibly soft, with a wellbalanced, buttery flavour and rich, sweet notes. This is a cheese that has Aussies loving a blue!

Serve with

Great with slices of fresh, ripe pair and our Raw Materials Quince Paste, with a dense crusty sourdough loaf.

The wine: Sweeter-style wines are perfect for the blues.Two SA wines we love are the Olssen of Watervale Late Harvest Riesling 2006 from the Clare Valley and Z Wine Xave Late Harvest 2013 from the Barossa.


#4 Feta & Semillon

The cheese: marinated feta A beautiful Australian feta made by an Italian family! A wonderful creamy texture and the perfect crumbly cheese.

Serve with

Kalamata olives, artichokes and sliced chorizo, with some Turkish Pide bread, lightly brushed with oil and warmed in the oven (or chargrilled on the barbeque).

The wine: Aromatic whites are a must. Try Eagle Vale Margaret River Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2013 or Clare Hills Clare Valley Riesling 2014 (made by winemaking legend, Neil Pike).

By the way, cheeses are available in the Dairy section at Aussie Farmers Direct and the wines are available from Get Wines Direct

Enjoy, together 

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