An orange a day

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Oranges have to be the most underrated fruit in the bowl.  But the humble orange has much to offer; squeezed fresh in a glass or added to a smoothie, its zest for life is a refreshing wake-up call to your morning.

Aussie farmers are poised to harvest one of the best autumn/winter crops in years. We asked orange farmer Tania Chapman for her tips on this zesty fresh fruit. Tania grows several Navel varieties in Colignan, about 50km south of Mildura in Victoria’s north west.  Her favourite variety is the Powell – “a true eating orange with the best tasting juice in the world”.

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What is the best way to store oranges?

Oranges last for weeks in the fridge. This means they can travel to export markets but also means they keep in the fridge with no quality issues. Cut oranges however, need to be kept in the fridge and eaten within one or two days. Freshly squeezed orange juicy should be consumed within a day.

Can you freeze oranges?

Avoid freezing whole oranges, as there may be cell damage on the inside when you defrost them. It’s always best to eat oranges while they’re fresh and juicy. If you have a glut of oranges, you can free fresh-squeezed juice and zest for use later in recipes. Another great tip is to freeze hollowed out orange skins filled with citrus sorbet. And if you have leftover limes or lemons, freeze the juice in ice trays and store the blocks in containers for a hit of citrus later.

What is a perfect orange?

The best oranges are the variety in season. Aussie Valencia’s will continue to be available for now – they have the green tinge on the skin which is a built in sunscreen during summer.  The flavour on the inside is still fantastic and the orange itself is still juicy and perfect

During April, look out for new season Navel’s which will be coming from Queensland then available from southern States by May and will continue to be through winter until November.

Your favourite orange recipe?

There are a number, but I really think you can’t beat a salad that incorporates fresh orange segments.

My all-time favourite recipe uses thinly sliced orange segments (rind included) I dip them in melted chocolate. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark, milk or white. Just let the chocolate set…. mmmmmmm.

More orange tips

  • Rid your oven of stale food smells by placing orange peels in an oven tray and setting the oven to 180C for about five minutes.
  • Aussie orange peels contain oils which are flammable so they are great for kindling – add some dried orange peel to your fire for a longer burning blaze and fragrant orange aroma.
  • Tie a handful of dried Aussie orange peels in cloth bags and place in cupboards to act as a natural freshener and eliminate musty odours.
  • Place Aussie orange and lemon peels near windows to deter flies and mosquitoes.
  • Boil orange peel and cloves for about 10 minutes to freshen up your home with a delicious orange aroma
  • Place orange peels around your garden plants to stop cats digging in your garden as they do not like the orange fragrance.

Extra bits

  1. More details on oranges go to Citrus Australia site:
  2. Fisher & Paykel website
  3. What is ActiveSmart™ technology in Fisher & Paykel?   ActiveSmart™ consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations accordingly to deliver a consistent and stable temperature. Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart™ adjusts to the way you use the fridge and is able to respond to daily use.


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